Cold and Flu Policy Update               

Let's keep connected with the “New Health Guidelines” at the Randal Jon Salon.  Maintaining and Keeping a “Sickness Free Environment” has always been of the upmost importance  for everyone in my clientele as well as for myself. but for now, we need to raise the bar to the highest level, an imperative responsibility that could be a matter of life and death, as new viruses are being introduced to our world.

A New Protocol is in place

Since we are all spending our time quarantined, waiting for our world to be reopened once again, and a “Grand Reopening” if you will.  We’ve all been effected somehow by staying home these passed several months, anxiously preparing for normalcy, as we know it, and hoping that it will return once again.  We will all move forward and persevere one day at a time, embracing a New beginning, and somewhat adjusting, as a new empowering way of doing things presents itself!

 I’m hoping that everyone is willing to be on the same page with me, for I will need to implement a more stringent, honesty based, and mandatory health policy, to keep in place until this lethal virus is eradicated, and some of which will be the norm for business moving forward.  Unfortunately, the truth is, we all realize that we cant just go back to business as usual, becoming aware that we need to change our everyday habits. So although this letter is of a serious nature, When you read it, please understand it is to maintain everyones safety, and from the bottom of my heart.  I care about all of us like a family.

I know you love getting your hair done with me, and I love being able to do it for you, I also know  that missing an appointment due to being under the weather, could be a big inconvenience for you, your schedule, plans, and your life. With you knowing how much I want to take care of your hair needs,  catching up with you, spending quality one on one time together, and see what you’ve been up to in your life.

 With the circumstances being how they are,  If you are showing visible signs of being sick, or you’re just beginning to feel like you’re not quite yourself, please cancel and stay home. (For example, you wouldn’t go to work, or you don’t feel like interacting with other people, spending time with your family, or you just have a felt sense that you might be coming down with something, etc; ) So I’m asking that you please treat coming to the salon the same way.  With our current circumstances and understanding, and because we work so closely together,  it is necessary for all of us to protect each other.  If you are having a health issue, I will do Everything I can, to reschedule you when you are well.  By depending on everyone to do the right thing, we can get through this together, and stay healthy. 

As always, I will have sanitizer available for your hands, and raising the bar, by using disinfectant, for my salon chairs and shampoo bowl after the completion of each client, and before the start of my next service, making it individually sanitary for each and every one of you.  For now, I will be wearing a mask or equivalent, and I ask you do the same.  I will be using paper cups for coffee, and continuing with water in the bottle, ect.

I will  be taking everyones temperatures upon entering the store, its electronic, so its not invasive in anyway and takes just a second to get a reading. Anything that reads above 98.6 degrees, will unfortunately cause us to reschedule your service. Please understand,  that I have never had to go to these extreme measures, but at this time we all need to be safe, working so close, right next to each other, and in such a tight space. If you know you have a fever, Please Please, stay home and cancel.  It’s so very important, and would not be fair to the rest of us. That goes for me as well.  As always, I will be working hard to maintain my healthy habits, taking health supplements, Extra Vitamin C and Zinc, get my rest. etc:

Social Distancing

For the safety etiquette of everyone, I ask that if you show up early, or I am running a little late, let me know that you have arrived by texting me, and please wait in your car.  When my parking space is free shortly thereafter, you may park there, as soon as the current client is complete, left my store, and vacates my parking space.   When I am done sanitizing my chair, shampoo bowl, and tidying up, I will let you know when I am ready.  In the meantime, please relax in your car, until I let you know I am ready. This is not personal as Im sure you already know, but I thank you for your patience at this time,  and I will try my best to allow enough lead time for this not to happen, as I normally on time for you, most of the time. The parking arrangement will hopefully not be permanent.

Please understand that I want everyone to be safe, and care so much about all of you. These are the necessary Randal Jon Salon “New Health Guidelines” to be put in place at this time.  Some parts may change in the near future, but until this virus is eradicated, and a vaccine that works has been taken by most everyone, none of us are safe. Remember it’s not a flu, and if it hits you, you could get a possible deadly viral Pneumonia, depending how strong your emune system reacts to it.   So don’t get complacent, and be safe! 

Cant wait to see you, and get you looking great for spring.  I’ll keep you posted about the ReGrand Reopening Day, so you can start to book online once again, @ the "Book Now Button on my home page.  Many thanks for your patience.  

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