The exceptional signature line of EliXhair Products was created by Randal Jon, by committing many years of  quality time, acquiring the ever changing vital product knowledge, and showing the diligent dedication necessary to create an ultimate product like Elixhair.  It's success has been attained in part by encouraging honest feedback of  hundreds of respected clients, working with many different trial formulations, devotng countless  hours of hands on salon time, and discussing the daily hair  challenges of people just like yourself.   Randal Jon believes that listening to the desires and truthful feedback, combined with his extensive  product knowledge  has  all been essential to  Elixhair’s  success.   These important  elements  have  greatly contributed to  the  creation and  launching of  the signature line of  EliXhair products,  thus bringing forward the impeccable hair product line that speaks for itself. Indulge into Randal Jon's extraordinary line of  haircare products.  Elixhair is jam packed with the very best natural herb flowers & their leaves, powerful  essential oils, and natural moisturizing emollients on the planet, For  a truly superior product. that you'll  really feel the difference,   Just try it  and you'll surely love your hair!  All Randal Jon EliXhair Products are color safe, entirely recyclable, and never tested on animals.

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