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  For Hair Color Thats'Virtually Damage Free TRIONICS Natural Enzyme Plant Based Hair Developer  

No Hydrogen Peroxide~Ammonia Free~All Natural Plant Enzymes~ Incredible Shine~Complete Grey Coverage~   

Add Color with Confidence. Randal Jon's Hair Colors are "Virtually Damage Free,"  diving in with TRIONICS Sea Kelp Plant Based Enzyme Developers.  infused with RUSK Deep Shine Marine Therapy, all blended in Advanced  Pure Pigment Conditioning  Color Cream.  For Alluring moods and enticing  professional hair color style appeal.

A Breath of Fresh Hair. 



Get  Extraordinary  Results  from EliXhair Luxury Hair Care Formulas, for the deepest shine, health, and manageability. Exclusively available at the Randal Jon Salon.



Stellar Hair with Less Care!               

Acquire an impeccable Haircolor and cut at this Santa Monica hair salon! Enjoy the relaxation and privacy of a friendly one-on-one visit, with the many years experience of Randal Jon. His Private Studio Suite is designed with your individual style and tranquility in mind. Relaxing never looked so good! So Get Inspired!       

Enjoy the trust you'll feel after a complete consultation to begin your hair service.  You'll know you've been heard after consulting about your hair, because Randal Jon will discuss your style, until you are both clear about the desired look of choice. You and Randal will share optimum communication. He knows your hair, shows you how to work your own hairstyle, to keep you looking your best, long after you leave the salon. 

Randal Jon's haircolors are "virtually damage free" with Trionics plant based enzyme developers, formulated from a sea kelp. They're free from Hydrogen Peroxide & Ammonia, and give full grey coverage. Randal Jon is undeniably known as one of the very best hair colorists, and Internationally trained master with a pair of shears, truly one of the very best Santa Monica Hair Salons. Randal Jon specializes in uncovering your own individual style.