The working Philosophy

Deep Inside the Mind of Randal Jon

My Mission Statement

I believe, people don’t care how much you know, until they know about how much you care.  Providing honesty and trust to the world, because all we have is our word. There’s no splitting hairs about it. 

On Being Exceptional and Desirable

Elixhair Luxury Hair Care Formulas bring forth Stellar hair, so you have more time to look exceptional, and be the envy of your world. It’s essential to create and become what really matters to you, so choose it. You never know who you’ll run into, or whatever opportunity may present itself. Always be the best version of yourself, even though your best can be better some days than others, always look and do your best. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and reshaping your desires comes completely from within. 

Why Trust Matters,

Remember to always be true to yourself.  This thinking keeps you in a deserving state and feeling worthy of what you're wanting to achieve, and who you are wanting to become. Everybody wants to work with someone they trust. Everybody wants to be friends with trustworthy people. We want our kids to be trusted, but trust doesn’t just happen,  and can be very fragile once its earned, but to earn it and keep it,  . . . well . . . trust is more valuable than gold.

I start with the end in mind.

You’d be amazed how much easier it can be to achieve what you want, when you’ve articulated what that is first.  It’s about focusing attention on what you want to achieve, and just as important, why you want to achieve it.  Make certain, if its a big change, you’ve thought about it for a little while, before commencing forward.  Impulsive action isn’t always the best choice with you hair, although some people like the push.  Which in certain circumstances good for certain peoples needs.  look inside for a felt sense, if it feels right, do it, if not, don’t be impulsive

I build capability, not dependence.

It would be counterintuitive to my personal values to do anything else.  Educating you how to work with your peticular type of hair, products to use, and applying the secret styling techniques for always looking your very best, is my focus.  Hair independence is so important for many,  not to be a slave to the hair salon for your everyday styling desires.

I create simplicity in a complex world.

I bring a particular clarity of thought to my clients. Partly this derives from having spent most of my life working with many types of people, possessing different personalities.  But in part, I have an innate ability,  an affinity for having a natural felt sense that helps me to articulate artistically what I see and hear. It’s all  looking at how things are supposed to work, but it  hugely depends on seeing what actually should take place to make things happen. Once the undeclared processes are brought forth, and mutual trust is completely transparent , the freedom and the mutual respect to work with people becomes clear.

I bring extensive knowledge and experience.

My client base is varied in type and character. My work has always been very diverse, and that makes me a useful resource for you. There’s a tremendous amount of learning to be had from people with a different experience to yours. The broad range of my experience working with many types of people and personalities helps me to show up, with hair designs that might not normally be created, without a thorough consultation, about what someone is wanting, whether it possible with their hair, and the upkeep involved with its upkeep.

I provide an impeccable service.

My approach will always be tailor made to fit your specific issues and needs. By tailor making my approach, we can create a design for your own individual self and lifestyle, to reach the desired outcome. Sometimes existing colors, cuts, and products fit the bill, and sometimes its time for a change to reinvent yourself. but even after there is an established choice at the core, we can be flexible in how we use it so that it is made truly fit for your purpose.

I deliver a lasting impact

Many clients tell me that my Colors and Haircuts are spot on.  During consultation with clients,  my focus is on listening, flexiblity of mindset, adaptability, and conveying  a clear vision of what we talk about during consultation to bring forth great style, thus establishing a rich growing relationship and lasting impression for a trusting professional  imprint. 

I experience a Felt Sense of how to proceed.

During a consultation, a felt sense of style comes to me, through discussing hair challenges, new ideas, and the desired style comes through by tuning in,  with empathic listening, before moving forward, and only then, fulfilling the agreed style.  Discussing the possibilities together is the secret sauce of the recipe for a successful cut and color, hence, the felt sense of moving forward comes alive.

Over the years, I have built up a fantastic network of friends and colleagues with very diverse skills.  If a client of mine is looking for expertise in a particular area that I don’t have, I am always happy to refer a colleague. I will only ever refer people who I know have appropriate expertise in the needed area, for it may be that there are certain outcomes that you would like to achieve as a by-product of our work together. lol